Raksha’s not-so-secret Diary

Welcome, welcome.

I like to talk, a lot. My head is always filled with words and I want an outlet. If I don’t type out my thoughts from time to time, there’s a high chance that I will word-vomit on the very next person I meet.

Desclaimer- I write in horrifiingly long sentences sometimes. So please continue at your own risk.

Why are people so mean?!

I’m so pissed right now, I wanna punch someone. I just don’t understand what people get from being mean to others. Is there something I’m missing here? Since we have online classes, most of our conversations are on whatsapp or Ms teams. One of my classmates had trouble with logging into teams. So he askedContinue reading “Why are people so mean?!”

Dear Uncle Rick,

You brilliant, brilliant, bastard!! We are getting a Kane Chronicles Netflix adaptation……YES!!!! I’m so happy, I can’t even. First the Percy Jackson adaptation and now this?!? You bet I’m screaming my head off right now! I can’t wait to see the adaptation. I know, it probably gonna take a while but damn…. I can’t wait!Continue reading “Dear Uncle Rick,”

The Folklore Booktag

Let me start by thanking the wonderful Tall Blonde Tales for letting me do this tag on my blog. Do check out her blog. Her content is amazing I love Taylor Swift to death. So when folklore was released, I obviously listened to those songs on repeat for one week straight (smirks). I loved everyContinue reading “The Folklore Booktag”

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