Raksha’s not-so-secret Diary

Welcome, welcome.

I like to talk, a lot. My head is always filled with words and I want an outlet. If I don’t type out my thoughts from time to time, there’s a high chance that I will word-vomit on the very next person I meet.

Desclaimer- I write in horrifiingly long sentences sometimes. So please continue at your own risk.

Happy New Year!!!!

An atlas, 2020 comes to an end. What a year this was. Totally unforgettable (not in a “this was the best year ever” way. More like “this year will haunt me forever”) It just seemed like so many things happened at the same time without giving us any time to recover from all this. AllContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

My new obsession……..

Miniatures!!!! Like seriously guys, have you seen those inhumanly satisfying videos of people trying too cook with mini kitchen stuff? It’s so damn gooooood. Remember a few blogs ago where I mentioned that I change hobbies like people change clothes? Yeah. So this time, when I decided that drawing faces again and again and againContinue reading “My new obsession……..”

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